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Hi, my name is Alix Moore and I am a International Human Hair Expert with over 25 years experience which entails being a Business Woman, Author, International Educator and Visionary.I have provided many celebrities with top of the line hair extensions for various shows and was the Hair Consultant for the Indian section of Chris Rock's documentary "Good Hair". I'm the first African-American to manufacture human hair in the USA and have set up 3 factories in India. My book "The Truth About the Human Hair Industry, Wake Up Black America", has caught the interest of many, and since then I have landed my first Magazine interview through EFMCI's services. I was featured in the 2013 November/December issue of Sheen Magazine with a two page spread on my Company. My story graced the Hair Spotlight Section with various Celebrities and upcoming artists. It was an honor to walk into reputable stores and see my name in print on the front cover of a major Magazine. I also have other projects on the table with EFMCI and looking forward to be featured in other major Magazines. I took the risk with this Company and it all worked in my favor, benefiting in various ways.
Alix Moore
Taking Back The Human Hair Industry
Alix Moore Enterprises Network (A.M.E.N.)

Hi, I am Jean Pierre Cherestal. I am originally from Haiti. My passion is in the Arts of acting and modeling. I attended one of EFMCI’s Seminar, used their services and definitely positive changes occurred in my life concerning my goals. My parents mentioned previous to attending the Seminar that I should try to pursue another career as they did not see any progression or possibly see how I could make it as an actor. I kept the faith and knew this is what I wanted. EFMCI consulted with me and gave me a positive outlook on never giving up and placing confidence in what connections their Company could provide.
It was amazing! In a couple of weeks I gained my first role as a diplomat on the “Winter Tales” movie featuring Will Smith, Russell Crowe and Colin Farrell. I got the opportunity to be fitted, do wardrobe changes and paid for this along with being paid to be in this movie. Through EFMCI connection I also took classes with Celebrity Acting Coach, Mel Williams. I would say maybe the best in the Industry as he teaches you the Meisner technique along with him coaching some of the biggest stars. I am also focus on modeling and auditions through EFMCI services. EFMCI is like no other the Team keeps you updated, invites clients to events that the average Joe can’t just walk off the streets and attend. I have also met several celebrities, network through attending                                         events with EFMCI and the Founder Keisha.This is a perfect Company for consultation and making power moves. 
                                I thank you Keisha and EFMCI Team. 

Hi, my name is Shermain Jeremy and I'm a former Miss Antigua Universe and Miss World Finalist. As a Guest Speaker, Recording Artist and Fashion Host/Blogger my expertise is in the art of Image and brand communications in the areas of fashion, social media and travel & tourism industries. I've had the pleasure of working with EFMCI in building networks and securing opportunities in the fashion world that have helped build my portfolio. Namely, my opportunity to work with Mahogany Vogue Magazine's debut cover shoot featuring Dominique Reighard from America's Next Top Model(ANTM) Cycle 10, and ANTM All-Stars. I also got the amazing opportunity to write a fashion piece on the “10 Fall Must Haves" which was also featured in the magazine. I thank the CEO; Keisha Esprit, Tshombe Crumley and the rest of EFMCI’s Team for creating these amazing opportunities for me. They come highly recommended and I intend to continue to use EFMCI's services in the future. - Shermain Jeremy, New York, NY

Hello, my name is Ariel Roberts. I'm from the Caribbean island named Grenada but reside in the USA. I have nothing but great testimonies and news about EFMCI! I am no longer living in New York. I have now relocated to Utah and I'm in Theatre School pursuing my career.I could not have done or seen this vision, had the drive and inspiration without the help of this Company. I have tried to get into the Acting world previously;but despite my hard try there was never any success. I only gained an acting opportunity after working with Ms. Keisha and her Team. I then got an opportunity to act as an extra in the "Spiderman" Movie in 2013. It was an incredible experience! I also gain the chance to model for a European Designer Show through EFMCI's services accompanied with many of their other clients. Thanks to Ms. Keisha,her phenomenal entrepreneur vision and it continues to help many from all over the world to fulfill their goals and visions. 
Thanks so much, 
                                  Ariel Roberts  :)

Hey I am Kristina Thompson. I was born and raised in the USA in the capital of the world; New York. I used EFMCI services and had the opportunity to model in the 2013 Bikini Under The Bridge ( BUTB) and I absolutely loved it! They treated me like I was a super star. I enjoyed working with everyone and it was an experience of a lifetime. I appreciate everything EFMCI and BUTB have done for me. I would also like to thank them for having me be apart of a wonderful event and I can't wait until the next one. Keep up the great work EFMCI and Founder Keisha :)
Many thanks,

Hello, my name is Quinetta Hobson. I am a model from Chicago who recently moved to NYC 7 months ago in hopes of gaining more work in the modeling industry. Since I've been in NYC I have been blessed with many opportunities without even being a signed model. Thanks to Keisha Esprit who discovered me in a casting call for a commercial, I've had the opportunity to be in one of the best bikini shows in NYC called Bikini Under The Bridge! I must say I had the best time of my life. It was very well organized and professional. I love being on runways and showing people what I have to offer as far as talent, poise, attitude, and a fierce walk. I am so proud to be a client of EFMCI so that I can pursue more endeavors with your services. There's more to come in the near future, and I truly thank you guys for this lovely opportunity! :)
Best regards,
Quinetta L. Hobson

Hello, My name is Shanneil Brown. I got accepted to New York Fashion Week! I will be modeling in one of the main New York Swim Wear Fashion Shows:) Thanks to Keisha,  CEO of EFMCI and the staff, for keeping me abreast with the happenings and using her as a referral for castings...flew all the way from the Caribbean island of Jamaica and it was not in vain! One love.

Thanks EFMCI & Keisha

Shanneil Brown

Hi, I'm Prakash Patil. I’m an International Model originally from India with a passion for the academic side of life but mostly Fashion. I have modeled for the most popular Magazines, Newspapers and Fashion Shows in the World. These consist of New York Fashion Week, Couture Fashion Week, Mercedez Benz Fashion Week, Vogue Magazine, the list is too long to mention. I am the winner of B4U Reality Show & Jewel of India Calender Hunt 2013 and Awarded as Super Star of the event. I have used EFMCI services and connected with various Fashion Shows, Model Management and European Designers. I have an interest in the Acting World and I am now pursuing that goal through the assistance of EFMCI. My love most for EFMCI is how much time and effort they place in each client. They work hard in making you contented with the service and time may pass but they keep all clients posted on major                                         opportunities. That in itself says a lot about any Company.

                          Thanks and Regards
                           Prakash Patil

Hi, my name is Liga,

I'm from Latvia but currently live and model in NY. I enjoy modeling, but at the same time it can be very stressful to manage NOT to get lost in the Big City, especially to a foreigner model like myself. In modeling, to have a good looks is imperative, however, it seems that just as important as the visual appearance is to be in the Right Place at the Right Time. If you're an aspiring model or a model from overseas this task can be very challenging, therefore I recommend EFMCI, who in my opinion, prepares a very good starting platform and gives a guidance to models that wants to pursuit their career in NY.

EFMCI also offers extensive networking possibilities and their expertise advice has helped me to establish good connections with people                       in modeling industry. It's been a pleasure to work with EFMCI team and the most I value their personal approach and time they take with                        each model! Thank you guys!

                       Best of luck!


My name is Evangeli Anteros. I am a print and runway model. I am originally from Africa but reside in Canada. I came all the way from Canada to use EFMCI services and it was nothing but the best! I got the opportunity to model in New York Fashion Week for four designers. I did not expect the connection so quickly and the Show was not a fantasy but a Major New York Fashion Show. The experience was great! I also gain information on the Acting World and I am now pursuing that area to start my acting career. EFMCI takes the time to consult, connect and most of all educate you on the Industry. I look forward to using EFMCI services again and more of their major connections. The travel from Canada to the USA was a success. My confidence and drive have increased so much. The lovely thing about this Company is they keep in contact with you, keep you update on events along with treating you like an individual                                                             and not just a number. Thank you EFMCI and look forward to working with you for a very long time. 

God bless!


Hello Ladies & Gentleman,

It’s a pleasure to be able to share my experience working with EFMCI. My name is Natasha Berezhnaya, a professional European designer from Russia. I am the CEO and designer of “Gorgeous Models”. I work on many successful projects with the Founder and staff of EFMCI. The team is exceptional in assisting with beautiful models of both genders. They are very reliable in getting models of all ethnicities, heights and sizes on time for shows. EFMCI also gave me the opportunity to have my designs worn on many Agency Models in Print Modeling Magazines, have several of their models on the Diana Montford Show featured in interviews with me along with having their models with reputable credits work with my clothing line. I have had the chance to work with the Winner of Mr.Prince USA 2012, and Jewel of India Calender hunt 2013 Model, thanks to EFMCI. Looking forward to new projects and connects with them! I thank you so much EFMCI.

I love working with you guys!

Natasha Berezhnaya

Greetings, my name is Etu Evans. I am a Celebrity Shoe Designer and CEO of the Solesville Foundation. Solesville specializes in the global distribution of shoes to disenfranchised individuals and as a siren for Pediatric AIDs/HIV. We distribute shoes throughout the United States, Africa, Caribbean and South America. Keisha Reifer-Esprit is a very determined women with a thirst to promote brands and bolster strategic opportunities for optimal growth of companies. The CEO of EFMCI is currently working on a social media campaign to create awareness of the Solesville Foundation and drive traffic to our Face Book page to like it. I wish EFMCI much continued success!

Hi, I’m Scheme Spielberg.

I’m a Director, photographer, film/photo editor and film producer all wrapped up into one neat package. My specialty is photo/video journalism and on-line viral marketing. Over the past 4 years I’ve had the pleasure of professionally working on commercial projects with Ciroc, Sean John, Atlantic Records, MTV, Def Jam Recordings, ‘Rock the Bells’ concert series and few more companies in the NYC tri-state area. I’m currently interested in updating and expanding my portfolio and EFCMI has been outstanding in their support of my career goals thus far. Looking forward to networking and growing with EFCMI, their valued services and clientele.


                           Scheme Spielberg


My name is Glenda Lugay. I have been in the Modeling Industry for over 20 years. I am from the Caribbean and live in Los Angeles, California. I am a Caribbean Ambassador, Executive Producer of CIFW, Dominica Fashion Week, Creator of Tres Jolie Magazine, first black woman of two Jewelry stores in Beverly Hills, Boutique featured on Oprah Winfrey's segments and work with L.A Fashion Week. I have used EFMCI services and I am satisfied with the results. EFMCI assisted with connection with models, designers and photographers for various shows. They took the time to go the extra mile to assist in all aspects with an extension with even marketing and advertising our upcoming events from the past and future. We thank you EFMCI.                                                                        

                         Great job!

                         Glenda Lugay

Hey! My name is Mhegan Lee. I was born in Brooklyn with a Grenadian descent. I'm a Graduate from Acting School, a trained actress, who loves doing modeling but wanted to evolve to the next step. I am also one of the lucky hosts  on "The Cinema Couch". I came to EFMCI for more opportunities and consultation. I gain even more facts about the Industry. Already, since using EFMCI's services I finished a New York Fashion Show for a European Designer and looking forward to the next exciting role. Thank you everyone at EFMCI! You are the best!  Keep the lovely work up!

Mhegan Lee