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Serena's Sports Day


This is the third book of the four book series on the main character "Serena" was specifically designed to cater to ages 1-5 years (Pre-School, Pre-K and Kindergarten). "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!" Sports are exciting and children love to play games. Serena will emphasize on each while teaching children the different games and sports. They will learn how much fun school can be. Children will also learn the importance and the healthiness of sports. They will look forward to not only learning school work but having breaks for fun and sports time. In the process of reading with the extension of enjoying the colored illustrations, it will cause their brain to process and register interest in doing practical activities like Serena. Serena's Sports Day focuses mainly on two of the five areas of child development. These are the physical (gross motor skills, fine motor skills, motor control and motor coordination) and social development(sharing, cooperation, collaboration and turn taking). Serena will teach them all!

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