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Serena's Day At School


This book is part two of a four book series on the main character name "Serena" with a concentration on ages 1 to 5 years (Pre-School, Pre-K, Kindergarten). Children will learn how wonderful it is to go to school and have fun while at school. They will learn what it is like to have friends, learn new things by their teacher, what it is like in a regular school setting and also learn the wonderful activities they will experience on a daily basis. In the process of reading with the extension of enjoying the colored illustrations, it will cause their brain to process and register interest in doing practical activities like Serena. This will lead to them developing their motor skills, social skills, language development and some mnemonics. Serena, her family and friends will have you laughing with their rhymes, daily activity and the good times they have at school. You will learn the colors of the rainbow, different foods and every little fun thing you should know at this tender age. Children will also learn well and will be excited about going to school daily like Serena.

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