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Serena Goes To School


Serena Goes To School was designed to cater for children between the ages of 1-5 yrs old (Pre-School, Pre-K and Kindergarten). Meticulously written to have a positive psychological and educational impact on children at this particular tender age. In the process of reading, it will cause their brain to process and register interest in doing practical activities like Serena. This will help in the development of fundamental skills which children must develop first, in addition to oral language development, phonemic awareness while having fun enjoying the colored illustrations. Children will learn the importance of going to school, the daily routine of getting ready for school, and the wonderful activities they will experience on a daily basis. They will learn from Serena the easy way to get ready for school. This is from the time they wake in the morning until the end of each school day. Serena, her family and friends will have you laughing with their rhymes and songs during their days at school. They will learn the alphabet, colors, shapes, different types of fruits, and poetry. Children will also learn well and want to do great things like Serena and prepare happily for their exciting days to and from school.

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