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About Us

ELEGANZA FASHION MARKETING & CONSULTING INC. was established by Keisha Reifer-Esprit. Keisha, a Celebrity Consultant Connect will give you the contact you desire. We focus on making certain that each client is satisfied with our services. We consult and connect clients to whatever field of interest they desire. These services consist of educating, administrative assistance and connection for each client.

ELEGANZA FASHION MARKETING & CONSULTING INC. helps our clients get published and in all areas of interest marketed. Our clients always gain the opportunity to work and be in major New York Fashion Week events, opportunities for acting for major Movies, Stylist and Designers obtain a rare chance of styling celebrities; singers use our service of designers, stylist and beauty liaison for tours and music videos. Our Seminars are in-depth knowledge on  educating clients on what it takes to make it in the business without wasting their time and providing them with  honesty.

Keisha’s surname Esprit is the French for spirit and it has become her habit to leave the stamp of her individual spirit on everything in which she is involved.

In our face-to-face consultations (presently, only in New York City): We will discuss your dreams and aspirations, explain all the intricacies of the chaotic entertainment industry, provide you with a road map to help you quickly navigate the industry, and make your dreams possible. In our discussion we will evaluate your skills and talent and provide you with a frank honest opinion. 

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